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TT2 - 1000 kg Capacity, Solid Rubber Wheels, 1525 x 700 mm

Price: From £445.00 excl. VAT

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TT2 - 1000 kg Capacity, Solid Rubber Wheels, 1525 x 700 mm Click the image above to enlarge.

Product Information

Model Number: TT2

Capacity: 1000 kg
Platform Size: 1525 x 700 mm
Bed Height: 500 mm
Wheels: 355 mm Solid Rubber Wheels
Weight: 95 kg

Available Options:
Mesh Sides, 2 fixed ends, 2 removable Sides, in 3 height's - 350 mm, 500 mm, 750 mm.
Side Support Bars, 4 x Removable Side Support Bars, 500 mm High
Parking Brake.

Larger than the TT1 model, this turntable truck offers an increased platform size and it still has just as many customisation options. With a larger platform size, can not not only store larger items, but more of them if you so desire to. The solid rubber wheels make it very hard wearing and easy to use while also increasing its lifetime. Made to your requirements, our bespoke turntable trucks are perfect for any companies needs.


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