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About Breg Products

Breg Products is a family owned and operated company with two generations currently involved in the business. We have been manufacturing bespoke trolleys, trucks and materials handling equipment since 1989 and provide top quality goods and services at sensible prices.

We are proud of the fact that we are a British trolley manufacturer, everything that leaves our factory has been manufactured by our skilled workforce right here in West Yorkshire. In these days of cheap foreign imports we stick to the firm principal that our products are built to last and that even though you might pay slightly more initially for our products that in the long run we provide far greater value for money.

Our other greatest strength is that as a British trolley manufacturer we can tailor our products to meet customers exact requirements rather than “making do” with an off the shelf model. See our Custom Build section for more details of some of the tailored products we have manufactured in the past, such as order picking trolleys, turntable trucks and shelf trolleys.

We understand that customer service is key in today’s society; in fact our business has been built on this. Many of our customers have been dealing with us for a long number of years and keep coming back to us because we provide quality industrial trolleys and turntable trucks, where they want it and when they want it, with that personal touch that you only get from a family company. Improving the functionality of your company and helping to make it easier to work is our key goal; by providing you with bespoke trolleys that fit your business model and turntable trucks to help your production increase.

As a manufacturer of industrial trolleys, we strive to provide businesses and industrial properties with the bespoke trolleys and turntable trucks that make every day work a lot easier. We employ a team of professional designers that create the perfect trolley that is suited to meet all your needs. Be it shelf or board trolleys; we have exactly what you need. Call us today on 01484 469 944 to speak to the specialists here at Breg Products.

We deal in all sectors, from construction to retail, heavy manufacturing to offices and archives, and with all sizes of clients from the one man handyman to huge multinational corporations. No job is too big or too small! From our platform trolleys, to our order picking trolleys and turntable trucks, we supply a huge range of products for your industrial needs.

Below is a list of just some of the bespoke trolleys we can manufacture.

  • Sack Trucks
  • Sack Barrows
  • Storage Trolleys
  • Order Picking Trolleys
  • Production Line Trolleys
  • Kitting Trolleys
  • Flat Bed Trolleys
  • Tool Trolleys
  • Workshop Trolleys
  • Plasterboard Trolleys
  • Hospital Trolleys
  • Car Wash Trolleys
  • Medical Trolleys
  • Glass Handling Trolleys
  • Turntable Trucks
  • Platform Trolleys
  • Office Trolleys
  • Towable Trolleys
  • Pallet Trolleys
  • Industrial Trolleys
  • Board Trolleys
  • Parts Trolleys
  • Pipe Trolleys
  • Rubbish & Recycling Trolleys
  • Stock Trolleys
  • Lockable Trolleys
  • Distribution Trolleys
  • Security Cages
  • Cylinder Trolleys
  • Carpet Trolleys
  • Nesting Trolleys
  • Platform Trucks
  • Shelf Trolleys
  • Container Trolleys
  • Postroom Trolleys
  • Trolleys with steps
  • Heavy Duty Trolleys
  • Table Trolleys
  • Cash Trolleys
  • Workflow Trolleys
  • Tray Trolleys

Place your order online today or contact us through our website or by calling on 01484 469944 to discuss your bespoke board trolley and truck requirements with one of our dedicated and friendly team.

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