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The Benefits of Turntable Trucks

Turntable trucks really do make life easier. Built for carrying heavy loads, turntable trucks are used for transporting goods around a warehouse or functioning equally as well for customers shopping in DIY stores. 

A standard trolley is not built for taking the amount of weight a turntable truck can. Not only does a turntable carry a lot of weight but it is still able to move and turn easily without much effort or strain from the person pushing or pulling it around the warehouse or shop floor. 

Turntable trucks are a great solution to preventing injuries that can come from carrying heavy objects around for long periods of time. Even if all of the correct precautions and procedures have been taken to ensure staff lift and carry objects carefully, they will still be at risk of an accident. You can therefore reduce the risk of an accident by using a well constructed turntable truck, tailored to your needs and requirements. 

Turntable trucks allow for a safer, more productive and faster working environment where more items can be transported from one place to another, be that for orders or just moving stock in and around the building, which can only be good for business!

Here at Breg, we tailor our turntable trucks to your requirements, offering a wide range of budget and heavy duty turntable trucks to suit all loads, heavy or light. So, if you have equipment or stock that needs to be transported from one end of a warehouse to the other, you will be able to do this quickly and safely. 

Place your order online today or contact us through our website or by calling on 01484 469944 to discuss your bespoke board trolley and truck requirements with one of our dedicated and friendly team.

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