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BHT06 - Collapsible, Telescopic Sheet Trolley

Price: £750.00 excl. VAT

Collapsible, Telescopic Sheet and Glass Handling Trolley

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BHT06 - Collapsible, Telescopic Sheet and Glass Handling Trolley

Overall Length - 2100 mm
Overall Width - 885 mm
Overall Height - 1750 mm
Capacity - 800 Kg
Wheels - 260 mm Heavy Duty Pneumatic 2 Swivel Braked and 2 Swivel
Size of loading area - 2100 x 150 x 1600 mm

Loading area covered in 5 mm thick protective rubber

Manufactured by Breg in the UK!!!

Sturdy Steel construction giving durability coupled with the ability to dismantle for storage or transportation make this an ideal trolley for many applications especially when handling more delicate items, the low centre of gravity make it incredibly stable even over uneven ground.


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