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Fixed Shelf Mesh Enclosed Trolleys

Fixed Shelf Mesh Enclosed Trolleys

When moving goods that need to be secure, mesh security trolleys allow for the transportation of valuable, hazardous and a number of other items quickly and easily. 

Most items that need to be moved using a mesh security trolley are heavy, so not only does the trolley give you the flexibility to move items around the workplace easily, it also protects staff members from injuring themselves from heavy lifting and carrying. 

If your warehouse, factory or other commercial/industrial business,  often requires the likes of gas cylinders and other similar objects to be moved around, we strongly recommend the option of a mesh security trolley. 

All of our mesh enclosed trolleys are lockable so no matter the size, we will have a secure trolley to suit your business requirements. 

For more information and advise please call us on 01484 469 944. 

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