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1428 viewsShelf Trolley with cover for Apostrophe Catering
Towable Pallet Dolly973 viewsDolly for moving pallets, designed to be towed in a train
Folding shelf trolley950 viewsTrolley with folding shelves to allow easier access to each level as it is loaded/unloaded
Kit Work Trolley1042 viewsTrolley with drop sides on both levels for supplying production kits from stores to production areas
Aircraft Hose Trolley1088 viewsTrolley for storing and moving air conditioning hoses air side for connecting planes to support systems
Work Trolley1193 viewsFor stacking and separating work pieces through the production process, this unit had removable top sections with adjustable separating rods.
Model Display Trolley1012 viewsFor storing and displaying a scale model at an exhibition
Towable Trolleys1152 viewsFor towing and delivering pallets and other parts around a large facility to deliver parts to the production line
Gasket Trolley4228 viewsTrolley designed to be able to transport and store different sizes of gaskets for the oil and gas industry
Access Walkway for Large Skips4224 views
1585 viewsStackable drying racks for a concrete mouldings manufacturer
1446 viewsHeavy duty mobile packing bench
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