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Last additions - Bespoke Workbenches
Very Large drop leaf workbench for a gasket manufacturer332 viewsApr 04, 2019
Round steel topped table324 viewsApr 04, 2019
Small Rubber topped mobile workbench328 viewsApr 04, 2019
Round Stainless Steel Topped jigging bench381 viewsApr 04, 2019
Small Mobile Bench with louvred panel backboard540 viewsApr 04, 2019
3 Station Packing Bench576 viewsPacking bench split into 3 workstations, deep tray on bottom to hold packing boxesSep 10, 2018
Mobile Packing Station577 viewsPacking Station with real holder at one end for rolling out packing film, drawer units to underneathSep 10, 2018
Large Mobile Table1553 views2500 x 1250 mm mobile workstation with 2 sets of lockable drawers underneath and a rubber top to protect delicate goods from damageSep 10, 2018
Mobile Inspection Station652 viewsSmall mobile inspection station with secure lockable cabinet to store sensitive testing equipment when not in useSep 10, 2018
Bespoke Display Bench944 viewsThis product was designed for a company who were exhibiting at an exhibition that had some sensitive equipment that they wanted to keep away from prying eyes overnight so we built them a big secure cupboard underneathSep 10, 2018
2 Level Packing Bench648 views2440 x 1000 mm packing benchSep 10, 2018
Packing Bench663 viewsPacking bench with protective rubber top, lip to back and one side and with integrated drawer and cabinet. Sep 10, 2018
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