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Huddersfield Pallet Dollies

We specialise in supplying the very best and most affordable pallet dollies to industrial and commercial clients across Huddersfield and Yorkshire. 

We supply a wide range of dolly trucks and pallet dollies for the safe, quick and simple transportation of standard sized pallets, which can be modified to include fixed or removable handles so that more than one can be towed in a train.

Easy and quick to move, our pallet dollies are an ideal addition to any Huddersfield commercial or industrial premises, including factories, warehouses, storage units and commercial stores. 

Working across the whole of the UK and Yorkshire, we provide commercial and industrial clients from across Huddersfield with the highest quality and most affordable pallet dollies and trucks. 

We can also arrange to supply you with a specific size, so please call us on  01484 469 944 to speak to one of our experts and discuss your bespoke trolleys.


Place your order online today or contact us through our website or by calling on 01484 469944 to discuss your bespoke board trolley and truck requirements with one of our dedicated and friendly team.

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